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My name is Franziska Schroth, born in Dresden in 1979. I am a textile artist and I make handmade lace jewelry. I learned the technique during my studies and I was immediately enthusiastic about it. Since then, I have become more and more involved in design, craftsmanship and quality.

By using special materials from a very old, traditional textile technique, pieces of jewelry are created that are light, delicate, modern and graceful. The production takes a lot of sensitivity and time. That's why I often work on order, because I like to respond to my customers' wishes in terms of color and shape. The jewelry on this page is a selection from my collection. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me and let me know your wishes. I look forward to your inquiry!




Born in Dresden in 1979

2001-2005 studies in the department of textile art at the University of Applied Arts Schneeberg, diploma designer

since 2006 freelance designer, member of the galleries

"Goldfish August" and "P´lace"

since 2014 work in my own studio


I live with my husband and daughters in Dresden. 


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